MoBrook WooCommerce Club Plugin

Adding a new Club Member manually

  1. Use the Wordpress Users menu to add the new user
    • fill in all details including (IMPORTANT) Shipping and Billing address
    • IMPORTANT select the appropriate Club Level for the user’s Role
  2. go to the Mobrook Club plugin - Members page
    • When you open this page, it will search for new users
    • if necessary, click on the default order (#79 in example below) for the user and modify their preferred mix




Creating a new Shipment

check there are no new users without default orders

  1. go to the Mobrook Club plugin - Shipments page
    • Click "Add New Shipment" 
      • Important "User can edit expiry date" … set the deadline for editing by users. This will usually be a few days before the shipment date.
        • please enter in form: "2018-01-31 00:00:00"
      • The shipment will then automatically create orders for each of the users in the Club - if the user had a previous order, the new order will have the same product mix as that last order.
      • mix

  1. When ready, set the Shipment Active


When ready to ship