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Our mobile app for Boating. Coming soon to the app stores.


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Cruising made simple: know where your friends are

Have you ever been cruising, know friends' boats are nearby, but didn't know where?

Or, you're organizing a trip ("flotilla"!), want to easily communicate with the other boats?

Or, you're a member of a Yacht Club or Cruising Club, and want to see other members who are nearby?

With Groopli, you can now do this all from your smartphone.

  • Find your friends
  • Make friends
  • See useful boating facilities: marinas, shopping ... with contact phone numbers and information
  • Post your status and information about your trips
  • Send messages
  • Advertise your boat ... importantly with location, so people can find it


Register as a user to add your boat and get other boat location and status updates

You can use the app without registering, and see lots of public information. But register, and you can also:

  • Friend other boats
  • See the locations of your friends' boats
  • Add and manage your own boat
  • Post messages about your boat
  • Receive Push Notification messages about boats and locations you've befriended


Boat centric - not person

  • Location, location, location. Easily find where your friends are.  .. sorted by closest
  • Friend a boat to see their location, and updates


Use with or without the Groopli boatBeacon

Without the boatBeacon, you can add your boat, and manually update your location as you wish .. for example, when you anchor for the night.

But with the boatBeacon, this is all automatic. Simply place the boatBeacon on your boat and your phone (with the Groopli app) will do the rest - updating your location and sharing it with your friends..


Not just boats .. also useful information on shore locations for boaties

We're going to be adding more and more info (with contact numbers) such as:

  • Marinas and Yacht Clubs.
  • Refueling locations
  • Chandleries and other suppliers



Post messages about your boat, with pictures.

  • Planned trips
  • Where you are
  • Updates about your boat or yourself
  • Simply boast: "Just set the anchor in Gentleman's Corner"


Show your boat for sale

Everyone is always looking for their next boat. Easily show:

  • Your boat is for sale. There is a special tag in the boats list to show "For Sale"
  • Where your boat is on a map - so potential buyers can actually find it.
  • Boat details
  • Contact details with a simple "tap to phone"


Native Push Notifications

Receive information, offers and news from your favorite businesses, arenas, clubs ... all via your smartphone.


Provided as a service

Free to users. Provided for a simple monthly fee per boat owner who purchases a boatBeacon - please contact us for details.


Lots more features coming

We have big plans for Groopli. Much more to come .....



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