Integration with Cumulocity IOT

As a technology partner of Software AG, we provide custom mobile apps integrated with the Cumulocity IOT API.


Monitoring & Management for the Mobile user

IOT devices, by their very nature, can be anywhere: in the home, on a factory floor, in a warehouse, in a moving vehicle, in the middle of a field (e.g. wind farms) or in even more remote locations.

This means the people installing, maintaining and managing these devices will also be everywhere - and often away from a PC. The mobile then becomes the ideal tool for device management. And a native app, designed specifically for what the user needs to know and wants to do, is the optimum solution.


Apps designed for specific Use Cases

Some examples of Use Cases in the IOT world:
  • installer / maintenance person. They've just installed or serviced a device, and want to check quickly on-site that it is reporting correctly.
  • a maintenance person who is on the move, receives notifications of Alarms, then needs to view that information - and possibly get driving directions to the device, or make a call to a support line, or perform some other smartphone-centric action.
  • a plant or manufacturing person who is on-site, on the floor, in the field ... and needs to check system information and receive Alarms
  • a manager who wants to be able to check Device status and receive Alarm and Event notifications when they're away from their desk.
  • a sales person (who may be an OEM) who wants to be able to demo a branded (with their own or the prospect's branding) IOT solution or use case to their prospect/customer - directly on a smartphone.

The key to creating a successful app is to design it specifically for the end user Use Case - including the features the user needs with the best possible UI to make their life easier. Even more important, is to exclude features or information they don't need - allowing them to focus on their task without any unnecessary clutter. Our custom in-house design tool allows rapid prototyping then release .... with the focus always first and foremost on the UI for the Use Case.


Measurements, Alarms, Events & Location

All supported.


Native Push Notifications

Much more powerful than an SMS .... native Push Notifications are one of the core advantages of a mobile app. A great example is for Alarms: the notification pops up, the user taps on the notification, the app opens .. in a matter of seconds and with just one tap, the user is at the information they need.


Displaying Information: Large Selection of widgets

For the visual display of real-time information in the app, we have a large selection of highly customizable UI "widgets". These Gauges, Graphs etc., correspond to either Cumulocity's web based widgets, or the smartphone's native UI elements ... keeping the UI experience for the user familiar and comfortable.

This widget list will be constantly growing - driven by customer demand.


Sales Tool for selling to prospects and customers - specially optimized for IOT

If you are an OEM, or selling your IOT solution on to multiple prospects and customers, we have a special and very powerful Sales Tool app for you. This single app can have multiple layouts (each effectively a separate app) installed .. all with custom branding, UI and content. Moreover, new layouts can be remotely downloaded by the Salesperson - without any need for a new app release.

This allows direct demo-ing of your solution, with the prospect's branding, anywhere, any time. No need to rely on demos on a PC, or rusty old powerpoints.

For IOT solutions, the tool also comes with a powerful simulation mode, allowing you to can show your prospect a UI with real data (e.g. measurements and alarms) - all without the need for an actual prototype device.

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