IOTchef : the turn-key app for Cumulocity

Our mobile app solution for Cumulocity IoT. Log in with your existing tenant to see and manage your devices.


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We customize the content for your Tenant

Contact us to enable your tenant. We can also filter the devices the user sees - for example, by Group. Additionally, we can map your custom thumbnails to your device types - giving an even better visual for the user.


Designed for the the mobile user.

A Smartphone is the the ideal tool for device management when the user is in the field and miles away from a PC.
  • installer / maintenance person. They've just installed or serviced a device, and want to check quickly on-site that it is reporting correctly.
  • a maintenance person who is on the move, receives notifications of Alarms, then needs to view that information - and possibly get driving directions to the device, or make a call to a support line, or perform some other smartphone-centric action.
  • a plant or manufacturing person who is on-site, on the floor, in the field ... and needs to check system information and receive Alarms
  • a manager who wants to be able to check Device status and receive Alarm and Event notifications when they're away from their desk.
  • a sales person (who may be an OEM) who wants to be able to demo a branded (with their own or the prospect's branding) IOT solution or use case to their prospect/customer - directly on a smartphone.


Focusing on the functions a mobile user needs

A mobile user wants to perform a task quickly, then move on. IOTchef removes the clutter of complex dashboards, and gives the user just the tools they need to complete their task.

  • Provisioning.
  • Alarm management.
  • Location ... either tracking, or simply finding the device .. including driving directions
  • Measurements and status


Native Push Notifications

Much more powerful than an SMS .... native Push Notifications are one of the core advantages of a mobile app. A great example is for Alarms: the notification pops up, the user taps on the notification, the app opens .. in a matter of seconds and with just one tap, the user is at the information they need.


Provided as a service

A simple, low, monthly fee per user. Please contact us for details or a trial.


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